Hollywood and West Hollywood are hot spots for DUI enforcement.  Because of the close proximity to clubs and bars, police officers are on the watch.  Officers generally believe that if you are leaving a lounge or bar after 9:00 P.M. then you probably had a drink or two. 

An officer shouldn’t pull you over for leaving a bar or a lounge, but they sometimes do.  They can also look for minor vehicle code infractions to justify stopping you.  An obstruction of the rear-view mirror, dark tint, a faulty brake light can all be reasons to pull you over. 

Have a Rosary or Graduation Tassle hanging from your rear view mirror?  Lose it! Or windows tinted too dark?  Fix it or you may find yourself receiving more than just a traffic ticket…even with one drink in your system.  southerncaliforniacriminalattorney.com

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