Theft charges are very serious and are considered crimes of ‘moral turpitude.’  Crimes of moral turpitude are crimes that may cause problems with immigration and naturalization or obtaining a job that requires a security clearance.  They may cause you to fail a background check, lose your job, fail an interview and cause serious immigration problems for you and your family.

Although most individuals believe that the sanctions for a first time petty theft don’t require the assistance of an attorney, not getting the attorney’s advice on the future consequences of such a conviction can be serious.

Incarceration in theft cases can vary significantly between county to county and even courthouse to courthouse.  For example, pleading guilty to a first time petty theft in one Orange County court can mean a class, DNA swab and fine, versus a different courthouse requiring jail.  Obviously an experienced attorney is a must in these situations. 

Sometimes a difference in one (1) day in jail may change the effect of the charge.  You need an aggressive and experienced attorney who knows and understands the consequences of such a serious charge.

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