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A crime in which a person’s life is taken or lost is very serious and can be punishable by imprisonment and even death, depending upon the circumstances of the situation.  Murder and manslaughter offenses are often considered some of the most heinous crimes that can be committed and are therefore treated accordingly by prosecutors.  If you have been accused of murder or manslaughter, it is absolutely vital that you protect your rights.  Your case can benefit from the experience of a seasoned defense attorney who is familiar with murder charges in Southern California.

Attorney Errol Cook is extremely aggressive and has successfully fought for the rights of thousands of Californians.  If you are facing serious charges that could result in a lifetime of incarceration, you need to give yourself the best chance to protect your, your family, and your way of life.

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Embezzlement & Fraud


Embezzlement & Fraud

The crimes of fraud and embezzlement are on the rise.  These White-Collar crimes are usually the result of desperate financial circumstances and poor decisions.  Whether the amount of theft is relatively small (in the hundreds) or relatively large (over $100,000), then I can help.  The primary goal of the victim in these cases is to be compensated for their loss.  The secondary goal of the victim and the court is punishment.  Often compensation is directly related to punishment.  I have had many cases where the defendant was simply required to pay back (restitution) the loss incurred from the theft in order to receive a reduced sentence and/or reduced charge.  I can help you.

Petty Theft & Grand Theft



Petty Theft / Grand Theft

Petty Theft and Grand Theft

The prosecutor will file charges against a person for petty theft or grand theft if that person takes someone property without their consent, and intends to keep it permanently (Penal Code Section 484(a)-488, or Penal Code Section 487(a)). These charges can be filed as misdemeanors or as felonies depending on the value of the items stolen ($400 is the breaking point), and whether or not the person has a prior theft conviction (Penal Code Section 666).

If filed as a misdemeanor, the maximum sentence is up to six months in county jail. If the accused has a prior theft conviction, the maximum penalty is increased, and the charges can be filed as a misdemeanor or as a felony. If filed as a felony or petty theft with priors, the maximum sentence is several years in state prison.


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