Airport Courthouse criminal defense

Airport Court Criminal Lawyer

The Airport Courthouse is one of the newest courthouses in L.A. County.  Most courtrooms are dedicated to criminal calendars, including criminal cases that were formerly heard at the Santa Monica Courthouse.  Most misdemeanor cases are divided between the L.A. City Attorney, The L.A. District Attorney and the Santa Monica City Attorney.  Hawthorne cases were formerly heard in department 140, but are now heard in the Inglewood Courthouse.

Airport Courthouse Misdemeanor Defense

There are 3 misdemeanor courts in the Airport Courthouse.  The prosecuting agenices are the L.A. County District Attorney, the Los Angeles City Attorney and the Santa Monica City Prosecutor.  The Hawthorne City Prosecutor used to prosecute cases out of the Airport Courthouse, but has now relocated to the Inglewood Courthouse.  The Airport Courthouse is primarily a criminal courts building.

The Airport Courthouse is located off of La Cienega and Imperial Highway in the City of Los Angeles.   Felony cases are prosecuted in several different courtrooms.

Airport Courthouse Misdemeanor DUI Arraignment

The Airport Courthouse prosecutes DUI cases.  Generally, a defendant is likely to be released on O.R. statutus for a first time dui depending on their blood alcohol level.  The higher the blood alcohol level, then the more likely AA/NA meetings will be required for O.R. release.

Airport Courthouse DUI

If you are arrested for DUI in the West Los Angeles area then it is likely that you will be cited to appear in the Airport Courthouse for arraignment.  At the arraignment the judge will set bail and set the case out for a “pre-trial” in which the defense attorney and the prosecutor will discuss resolution or future court dates.

Airport Courthouse DUI and Bail

In most first time DUI cases the defendant is released on their own recognizance or O.R.  However, in some jurisdictions judges and magistrates will routinely set bail per the Penal Code.  More importantly, magistrates may also consider whether bail was obtained feloniously.  Penal Code 1275.1(a) states  that “Bail, pursuant to this chapter, shall not be accepted unless a judge or magistrate finds that no portion of the consideration, pledge, security, deposit or indemnification paid, given, made or promised for its execution was feloniously obtained.”

Infractions at the Airport Courthouse

The general rule to expunge an infraction is that you must wait at least one (1) year from the date of your convictions, have paid all restitution, fines and fees and not be serving another sentence or facing another charge. 
To be eligible for your infraction, you must wait one year from your conviction, pay all fines and restitution, and not be facing any other charges or serving any other sentence.

Airport Courthouse Felony Defense

The Airport Courthouse is located off of La Cienega and Imperial Highway in the City of Los Angeles.   Felony cases are prosecuted in several different courtrooms.

Airport Courthouse Felony Defense Tactics

A good criminal defense attorney knows that a felony conviction has serious and life-long consequences.  The consequences could include loss of employment, loss of voting rights, deportation, denial of naturalization and exclusion from the United States.  Having an experienced lawyer in the Airport Courthouse is a must.

Airport Courthouse Domestic Violence

If you or a loved one is charged with domestic violence, then it is important to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney right away.  The most pertinent issue to be addressed is the issuance of a restraining order.  Generally, restraining orders are decided at the arraignment.  The judicial magistrate will decide whether or not a full, partial, or a no-violent contact restraining order will be issued.  Having your evidence and arguments