1.  Petty Theft (Compton) – Dismissed by the Judge per Penal Code 1118.1 during Trial
  2. Possession for Sale (Heroin, Cocaine Base) – Hung Jury (Criminal Courts Building
  3. Felony Gun and Drug Possession and illegal slot machines (Reduced to Misdemeanors – Westminster)
  4. Domestic Violence (Case Dismissed – Long Beach Courthouse)
  5. People v. Monreal (Case # BA446995) Charges – P.C.  211 with strike prior – Case Dismissed – September- Criminal Courts Building
  6. People v. Howard (Case #BA432745) Felony with 3 strike priors – Result = Credit for Time served – Criminal Courts Building
  7. People v. Diaz (Case # SA088968O Felony marijuana sales – Result = misdemeanor, credit for time served.  Airport Courthouse
  8. People v. Valkov (Case # SA 03809) Petty Theft Misdemeanor.  Result = infraction – Torrance Courthouse
  9. People v. Brown (Case # LA080086) Attempt Murder 664/187(a) Reduced to Assault with firearm.  No Jail.  Van Nuys Courthouse
  10. People v. Elzy (Case # BA403764) Felony Possession for Sale of Marijuana reduced to misdemeanor.  Downtown Los Angeles
  11. People v. Talib – Driving on a Suspended License V.C. 14601.1   Jury Trial – Hung Jury.  Offer = infraction.  Inglewood
  12. People v. Monreal – Felony Robbery and Assault with a strike prior.  Dismissed on the day of trial – Los Angeles
  13. People v. Scott – Felony Perjury and Forged Instruments – Reduced to a misdemeanor with no additional jail time.  – Los Angeles
  14. People v. Wilson – Robbery w/ gun (10- year gun enhancement) Jury Trial = Gun enhancements found “Not True.”  Pomona Courthouse
  15. People v. Elijio – Felony Possession of Gun reduced to misdemeanor (diverted)
  16. People v. Thomas – Possession of a Firearm – dismissed.