Sales, Distribution, Trafficking, or Manufacturing of a Controlled Substance

There are several different ways the District Attorney’s Office can file charges against a person if it believes the conduct amounts to more than simple possession of a controlled substance. For example, the person could be accused of selling narcotics to another person, manufacturing narcotics, transporting narcotics from one location to another, or even simply offering to do one of these things (even if he never actually possessed the narcotics).

Sales cases are commonly filed when the police either arrange a sales “sting,” or when a person’s belongings indirectly indicate he was selling the narcotics (items such as scales, baggies, pay/owe sheet, cell phone/beeper, large amounts of cash, weapons, etc.).

If the above felony charges are filed, the accused faces a wide range of sentences, all the way up to several years in state prison.

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