Juvenile – School Fights

When your son or daughter is involved in a school fight, either as a witness or as a suspect, the results may be devastating.  Aside from your child being arrested, suspension and expulsion proceedings may be initiated and their academic record may be negatively impacted. 

Often times school officials have little or no time to truly investigate the cause and participants of school fights.  They are not formally trained investigators and bias against one student may result in an unjust investigation result. 

Juvenile delinquency courts are criminal courts for minors, but don’t afford the same protection as adult criminal courts do for their accused.  One major difference is that there are no jury trials.  Your child’s trial is heard by the same judge who read the “Detention Report” which details the preliminary investigation of the offense.

You need an attorney who isn’t afraid to challenge the court system and has the time to discuss the case with you and your child.  Can you really trust an attorney to vigorously fight for you when they have ten other cases in the same courtroom and are being rushed by the judge? 

Your child is important and you need an attorney who understands that you and your child want to be respected.  As a former teacher and experienced juvenile court attorney, I know that your child is important.

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