Internet Prostitution

If you use money to obtain sex, then you may be charged with a solicitation for prostitution.  Whether you use a phone or the internet, you still may be charged with prostitution.  Many individuals wrongly assume that the use of dating sites for solicitation insulates them from criminal charges.  However, pictures and posts by attractive “women” may actually be undercover cops trying to entice you to commit a crime.


Some escort services may be just a front for prostitution.  Knowing this, police officers will often pose as ‘customers’ to entice unsuspecting women to engage in acts of prostitution.  Often, even if the escort refuses to participate in acts of prostitution, they will be arrested.  Remember, vice-squads spend lots of money and man-hours to catch prostitutes in the act. 

Remember, vice squads can’t exist without the existence of prostitution.  If they can’t catch you soliciting or in the act of prostitution, then they will need to “encourage” you to commit the crime.  If you have been charged with prostitution, you need to contact me BEFORE you appear in court.  In fact, if you hire an attorney you may NEVER have to appear in court.  Call me today to fight your prostitution charges.

The Law Offices of Errol Cook will aggressively defend you.

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