California Gun Laws

California has some of the toughest gun laws and some of the harshest penalties.  The penalties for gun offenses vary greatly depending on the courthouse, the prosecuting agency and the judge.  Hiring your own skilled and experienced attorney before your first court appearance is critical to obtaining a favorable outcome.  It is critical that your attorney sits down with you before you appear in court to get your side of the story, to discuss issues of bail and to formulate an action plan to get the gun charges dismissed.  Dismissal may require extensive litigation including a Pitchess Motion, a Suppression Motion and a Motion for Diversion to name a few.   The Law Offices of Errol Cook has had many cases where, after extensive litigation, the defendant was only required to complete community service and a gun safety course. The Law Offices of Errol Cook will aggressively defend you.  Call today at 562-209-1114