Pleading guilty to a domestic violence charge or domestic violence related conduct can also cause serious financial hardship.  Generally included in domestic violence probation are mandatory fines, court fees, booking fees, restitution orders and, of course, the dreaded 52-week domestic violence class.  Class enrollment fees are quite expensive and they charge per class.  52 classes, each class requiring a separate fee.  If you miss too many classes then you will be in violation of your probation and could face jail and be ordered to take the class over again.   Your class may meet on days or evenings in which you must work.  The fact that you may have a medical or family emergency is not the class’s concern.  Whether you are about to plead guilty or are looking to get reinstated in your domestic violence class, call me before you go to court.  A judge may not give you the time to call an attorney in the courtroom holding cell.

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