Crimes at School

Fighting at School
When your son or daughter is involved in a school fight, either as a witness or as a suspect, the results may be devastating.  Aside from your child possibly being arrested, suspension and expulsion proceedings may also be initiated.  Lastly,their academic record may be negatively impacted thereby reducing their chances of being accepted into a college of their choice.
Investigating School Fights
Often times school officials and employees may have little or no time to competently investigate criminal activity in and around their schools.  With budget cuts and added responsibilities, administrators have little time to play the role of detective.   School administrators often times have certain students on their “list” of trouble-makers.  A built bias may already be present against your child before they have a chance to tell their side of the story.  
Consulting a seasoned criminal defense attorney and former educator can help even the playing field.
Errol Cook, Esq.
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