M. Hernandez –

“Errol is a fighter.  He continued to fight until he got the result he wanted for me.”

L. Uriostgui –

“Attorney Cook helped me avoid going to jail.  He was ready to fight all the way to trial.  I was happy he was able to get me no jail.”

K. Kolamonico – 

“Errol is awesome!”

D. Ward

“Attorney Cook did a great job.  I was charged with a serious theft case in the Van Nuys Courthouse that I wasn’t guilty of.  I originally thought Mr. Cook was very polite, but during cross-examination he quickly switched to being a very aggressive lawyer.  He was able to show that the officer did a very poor job of investigating the case so called “eyewitnesses.” Later, the prosecutor ended up dismissing the entire case.  Thanks Attorney Cook!”


C. Wilson

” Errol Cook was relentless in court and always professional, even when the prosecutor got angry when he felt he was losing his case.”

L. Hill

” Attorney Cook did a great job. My case was in the Criminal Courts Building in downtown L.A.  He knew I was innocent and fought hard to get the case dismissed.  When the City Attorney refused to dismiss the case, we took it to trial.   The judge threatened Mr. Cook that if he refused his plea bargain that he may send the case out to jury trial in Lancaster.   Mr. Cook didn’t back down and told the judge that I wasn’t pleading guilty to something I did not do.  We went to trial and he explained to the jury my side of the story while totally destroying their witnesses’ credibility on cross-examination.  In the end, the case was dismissed by the judge in the middle of trial  The prosecutor couldn’t believe it and was angry with the jurors.  .”


L. Jackson

“I had a Domestic Violence charge in Long Beach Court.  Apparently my boyfriend had filed a case against me and I didn’t know about it until years later.  I was shocked and embarrassed when the police told me at a traffic stop that there was a warrant out for my arrest.  I was arrested on a Sunday in front of my home church and was shocked.  Mr. Cook went into court and got the case dismissed and my record cleared.”


C. Davis

“I had a case in the Pomona Courthouse and the prosecutors were being really tough.  Mr. Cook ran a suppression motion and it was denied.  He ran another suppression motion based on new evidence and it was denied.  He kept fighting and went to trial and got a great result for me.  The judge told Mr. Cook, in a snide tone, that I” had dodged a bullet.”  Thanks Mr. Cook!”


J. Haywood

“The court appointed Mr. Cook on my drug sales case.  I was looking at 17 years in prison.  I told Mr. Cook that I wanted to go to trial because the officers were not being truthful.  He fought hard and got a hung jury.  The prosecutor ended up giving me a good plea bargain later.”

A. Alvarez

“Mr. Cook did a great job with my case.  It was tough to take off of work and go to court, but Attorney Cook appeared for me and got the job done!”