California drug laws are designed to crack down on the illegal possession, use, or distribution of prescription medications.

A drug can be legal when prescribed by a doctor, yet it can be illegal when someone uses it without a valid prescription. If you are being investigated for a prescription drug crime, you need to have a good California Criminal Defense Attorney on your side.

Prescription drug abuse is on the rise in Southern California. There are many possible ways for someone to acquire prescription drugs for illegal use. Some people obtain the prescription drugs from a person who has a valid prescription. Some people steal a doctor’s official prescription pad and forge the doctor’s signature for the medication, while some create a counterfeit prescription that resembles a doctor’s official prescription. Some people do what is called “Doctor Shopping,” which is going to many different doctors complaining about a medical condition to get prescriptions from each of them.

Most prescription drugs that people abuse are pain medications. If taken in a high enough dosage, the sensation is similar to the use of an illegal drug. Sometimes, a person is legally prescribed a pain medication and he or she develops a prescription drug addiction after long-term use.

If you are facing a legal problem in Southern California involving criminal issues, please feel free to contact Attorney Errol Cook for help.  Free initial consultations are available by phone. 

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