ADVICE TO PARENTS: Police Interrogation

If your child is under investigation by the police, it is time to contact an attorney. As we all know, children often times are poor decision-makers, and may tell the police (or any authoritative figure) a variety of things, some true, some false, believing that they are helping themselves avoid trouble. This is, quite frankly, a bad idea. The best thing your child can do is not discuss any matter with the police without an attorney present, regardless of his/her guilt or innocence.

Any statements given to the police by you or your child are in furtherance of a prosecution, and there should be no mistake about this concept. Even if you believe that your child is “guilty” of the crime and learning a deserved hard lesson, do not believe anyone that tells you, “Don’t worry, it will just be a slap on the wrist”. You will soon find that this was not accurate advice.

Your child has the right to an attorney, to remain silent, to have a parent present during questioning, or to discuss the case with the police if they so choose. However, these issues should only be decided with the assistance of a qualified juvenile attorney

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