ADVICE FOR PARENTS: Probation Interview

The same principle stated above holds true during an interview with the probation department. Remember, as discussed above, any statements made by you or your child to probation will be used throughout the juvenile proceeding against your child. Complaints about your child’s behavior at home, at school, about your child’s drug/alcohol use, prior criminal activity, etc., will all be used during the negotiation of your child’s case.

You need a qualified juvenile attorney to assist guiding you and your child through this complex process. An attorney should be contacted prior to any discussions with the police or probation, irrespective of the guilt or innocence of your child. The issue is not culpability, the issue is being advised of your child’s rights, what consequences him/her is facing, and what the appropriate steps are to take in order to help your child avoid making a bad situation worse. Again, do not fall into the trap of believing that your child is “getting what he/she deserves”. You will later learn that this is often times just not the case. Once the bell has been rung, it’s frequently too late.

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