How Much Money Do You Have to Spend to Hire a Good Lawyer?

Hiring a good lawyer usually means that you will have to spend some money.  The price usually depends on the case, the lawyer’s experience, the lawyer’s schedule and what courthouse the case is located.  Attorney Cook offers fair payment plans and low down payments.


Why Should I Hire Attorney Cook

You should hire the lawyer that gives you the most confidence in fighting your case.  Hiring a lawyer with little experience or who seems to be fearful of going to trial is a big mistake.   Attorney Errol Cook has years of criminal trial experience and he will provide you with quality legal representation at a fair price.  Attorney Cook received his formal legal training from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, California and has personally handled thousands of juvenile and adult criminal cases in Southern California.  The Law Office of Errol Cook is a criminal defense law firm dedicated to providing high quality aggressive representation in criminal court.

Should You Wait Until “After” Court  to Hire a Lawyer?

Being proactive is the best way to aggressively fight your criminal case.  Being proactive in a criminal case means hiring an experienced and honest criminal lawyer who will seek to discuss the charges with the prosecutors before your court appearance.  An experienced and proactive attorney will gather the necessary documents and evidence before your court appearance so that there is no delay in getting your charges dismissed.

Should You Speak to the Prosecutor Alone? NO!

Why would a non-lawyer believe they have the training, experience and courtroom skills to equally match a prosecutor? Prosecutors are trained to prosecute criminal cases and to seek a conviction.  A prosecutor cannot ethically file a criminal case with the goal of dismissing the case later.  They represent the prosecutor’s office, not you.  Taking a plea bargain or pleading guilty without having an attorney is always a bad decision.

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