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You should hire the lawyer that instills in you the most confidence in fighting your case. Your lawyer should make you feel comfortable. Hiring a lawyer with little experience or who seems to be fearful of going to trial is a big mistake. Attorney Errol Cook has years of criminal defense experience and he will provide you with quality legal representation at a fair price with optional payment plans.


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The Law Office of Errol Cook is a criminal defense law firm dedicated to providing high quality aggressive representation in criminal court at fair prices. Attorney Cook received his legal training from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, California and has personally handled thousands of criminal cases in Southern California. Se Habla Español.

Los Angeles Criminal Courthouse
DUI/Drunk Driving

A DUI arrest is a serious allegation and it must not be taken lightly.

Drug Crimes

Being charged with possessing a controlled substance can be serious.


Theft charges are considered crimes of ‘moral turpitude.’ 

Murder or Manslaughter

These offenses are considered heinous crimes and are prosecuted accordingly.

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What our clients say
Mr. Cook is the best lawyer I have ever worked with! I had great success on my DUI case. He genuinely cares about the outcome for your future. I highly, highly recommend!

B. B.

This lawyer is the lawyer you need...there is no better lawyer out there he’s very understanding cooperative does not judge you... Mr. Cook will be part of my family at this rate without Him I may have a last many years of my life he’s like yourself phone or wallet don’t go anywhere without him!
Thanks for all you have done!

Sylvia Gonzalez
I was very impressed by the way he vigorously advocated for each and every client. Through out the years I have known Errol, he has provided valuable insight in the work he does as a criminal defense attorney and I am impressed by his knowledge and commitment to see that he provides his clients with excellent representation.
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