Prostitution Defense

Errol Cook, Esq.

Prostitution Defining California’s Sex Crime Laws Engaging in a sexual act in exchange for money, drugs, services, or other goods is considered a criminal offense in the state of California. Many lawmakers believe that prostitution presents a corrupting influence on society. Because of the moral weight placed on prostitution, law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and judges often take a strict attitude towards individuals accused of a prostitution related offense. In order to protect yourself from this often times unforgiving attitude, it is very important that you secure sound legal counsel.

Contact the Law Offices of Errol Cook, we can assist you in fighting your charges so that you will not have to suffer the decidedly negative consequences of a prostitution conviction. The consequences for being convicted of a prostitution related offense can be exceedingly detrimental. Prostitution and soliciting prostitution are considered misdemeanor offenses. A conviction can result in lengthy probation, significant fines, and potential jail time in a county jail.

While a prostitution conviction does not require mandatory sex offender registration, you will have to go through life with a prostitution charge on your criminal record. Any time a potential employer, landlord, or bank loan officer runs a background check, they will see your conviction. Having a criminal record with a prostitution conviction will greatly decrease your chances of finding a good job, housing, or a bank loan or other form of financial assistance.
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