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Why risk going with an inexperienced attorney because they are a family friend or, even worse, an attorney who dabbles in multiple areas of law?  There is no way an attorney can receive outstanding results in criminal cases without ever going to trial.

Criminal cases require a strong attorney has extensive jury trial experience.   It is almost impossible for an attorney to become proficient in criminal defense without going to trial.  In fact, prosecutors and judges alike only respect experienced trial attorneys who know the nuances of criminal law.


  1. Attempted Murder with Gun and Gang Enhancements – Result:  Dismissed after preliminary hearing  (Los Angeles 2017)
  2. Drug Sales with Priors (26 year maximum sentence)  Result : 120 days jail  (Los Angeles 2017)
  3. Attempted Murder with Gun and Gang Enhancement – Result: Attempted Voluntary Manslaughter (Long Beach)
  4. Felony Misappropriation of Public Funds (Over $30,000)  Result: Misdemeanor and probation.  (Los Angeles 2017)
  5. Felony Commercial Burglary w/ prison priors (Max 9 years)  Result: 1 year jail (Orange Count 2017)
  6. Carjacking – two counts, 3rd Strike (Max Sentence = life)  Result: Drug Program with suspended sentence (Orange County 2016)
  7. Felony Commercial Burglar with Check Fraud – 3 strike priors   Result: Credit for time served (Orange Count 2017).
  8. 2nd Time DUI (within 6 months) – reduced to Wet Reckless, L.A., Metropolitan Courthouse
  9. Assault and Battery – Los Angeles – City Attorney Agreed Not to File Charges if the defendant took an alcohol
  10.  Solicitation for Prostitution = Negotiated a Dismissal (Compton Courthouse -2012)
  11.  Driving on a Suspended License = Negotiated a Dismissal ( West Covina Courthouse – 2012)
  12.  Felony Vehicle Burglary =Reduced to a Misdemeanor ( Criminal Courts Building – 2012)
  13.  Petty Theft (Compton) – Dismissed by the Judge during Trial -2013
  14. Possession for Sale (Heroin, Cocaine Base) – Hung Jury (Criminal Courts Building -2104)
  15. Felony Gun and Drug Possession and illegal slot machines (Reduced to Misdemeanors – Westminster 2014)
  16. Domestic Violence (Case Dismissed – Long Beach Courthouse 2014)
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