Attorney Errol Cook on Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Domestic violence is a serious offense as it involves a threatening, abusive or violent act inflicted upon one member of a family, or household, by another member of the same family or household. Extreme or repeated cases of … [Read more...]

Prostitution Defense

Errol Cook, Esq. Prostitution Defining California's Sex Crime Laws Engaging in a sexual act in exchange for money, drugs, services, or other goods is considered a criminal offense in the state of California. Many lawmakers believe that … [Read more...]

Pleading Guilty at Your Arraignment

One thing a criminal defendant should never do is plead guilty at their arraignment without the advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney.  The prosecutor and the judge are not your advocates and are not on your side.  The prosecutor's job … [Read more...]

Domestic Violence Prevention

Most domestic violence charges could be avoided if the "aggressor" walks away.  Walking away from a domestic violence[codepeople-post-map] altercation prevents a physical altercation and minimizes the likelihood of police involvement.  Walking away … [Read more...]

Torrance DUI Field Sobriety Test

TORRANCE DUI FIELD SOBRIETY TEST DEFENSE During the holiday season police agencies are full alert for possible drunk drivers.  Often times officers will station themselves within eyesight of a bar or a place known to serve alcohol with a goal in … [Read more...]

Torrance Expungement Lawyer

TORRANCE EXPUNGEMENT LAWYER Expunging your Torrance criminal conviction can be an important step in getting your life back on track.  In order to start the process you must first determine if your criminal conviction is expungeable.  If you were … [Read more...]

Torrance Courthouse Expungements

Moving forward with your life after having committed a misdemeanor or felony usually requires an expungement.  An expungement in the Torrance Courthouse requires the payment of a mandated fee, paperwork and a possible hearing date.  However, … [Read more...]

How to Represent Yourself in Torrance Criminal Court

Many Torrance criminal defendants who do not want a court-appointed lawyer choose to represent themselves in criminal court.  Whether the charge is a 1st-Time DUI or Murder, criminal defendants have decided to go-it-alone by researching the law and … [Read more...]

What is an “Admission” in Criminal Courts

Often times a defendant or party to an action believes that a statement made out of court is inadmissible because it's hearsay.  The hearsay rule is an extremely complicated rule that puzzles many non-trial lawyers and even some trial … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Expunging a Criminal Record

Many people have made youthful mistakes in the past that could have led to a criminal case being filed against them.  When a youthful transgression becomes a criminal conviction it can severely diminish one's job prospects.  Having an experienced … [Read more...]

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