Pleading Guilty at Your Arraignment

One thing a criminal defendant should never do is plead guilty at their arraignment without the advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney.  The prosecutor and the judge are not your advocates and are not on your side.  The prosecutor's job … [Read more...]

Torrance Expungement Lawyer

TORRANCE EXPUNGEMENT LAWYER Expunging your Torrance criminal conviction can be an important step in getting your life back on track.  In order to start the process you must first determine if your criminal conviction is expungeable.  If you were … [Read more...]

What is an “Admission” in Criminal Courts

Often times a defendant or party to an action believes that a statement made out of court is inadmissible because it's hearsay.  The hearsay rule is an extremely complicated rule that puzzles many non-trial lawyers and even some trial … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Expunging a Criminal Record

Many people have made youthful mistakes in the past that could have led to a criminal case being filed against them.  When a youthful transgression becomes a criminal conviction it can severely diminish one's job prospects.  Having an experienced … [Read more...]

Why an Expungement?

Expungements are extremely important is today's economy.  First, in a tough job market employers can be very picky as to who they hire.  All things being equal, the last person they'd hire is a person with a criminal record.  There is no amount of … [Read more...]

Petty Theft/Grand Theft/Commercial Burglary

Petty Theft/Grand Theft/Commercial Burglary Defense Petty Theft and Grand Theft The prosecutor will file charges against a person for petty theft or grand theft if that person takes someone's property without their consent, and intends to keep it … [Read more...]

Embezzlement and Fraud

Embezzlement & Fraud The crimes of fraud and embezzlement are on the rise.  These White-Collar crimes are usually the result of desperate financial circumstances and poor decisions.  Whether the amount of theft is relatively small (in the … [Read more...]

Should You Represent Yourself in Court in a Criminal Case?

Representing Yourself in a Criminal Case I've been contacted by numerous criminal defendant's who ask me, "Should I represent myself in court?"  Short Answer?  Yes, but only if you are not on probation and are only charged with disturbing the … [Read more...]

Defending Against a Domestic Violence Charge

Defending Against a False Charge of Domestic Violence Defendants falsely alleged to have committed acts of domestic violence have a very tough road to travel in the court system.  If officers are called to the scene of a domestic dispute involving … [Read more...]

The Cops Want to Speak to You

The Cops Want Me to Come Down to the Station.....what do I do? If you or a loved one is being investigated for a criminal offense and have been invited by a police officer or detective to come down to the station and tell your side of the … [Read more...]

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