Attorney Errol Cook on Manufacture and Transportation

Manufacture and Transportation Manufacture and drug trafficking convictions have especially severe consequences. If you are accused of crossing state lines or country borders, government agencies like the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) or the … [Read more...]

Attorney Errol Cook on Defenses to Possession for Sale of Drugs

Legal defenses to drug possession charges can include: medical necessity, holding a valid prescription, not “possessing” the controlled substance, temporary possession, lack of knowledge, and procedural defenses such as entrapment, illegal search and … [Read more...]

Attorney Errol Cook on Possession for Sale of Drugs

California law mandates more severe penalties for possession with intent to sell than it does for simple possession. For example, the penalty for possession with intent to sell amphetamines is up to 4 years in prison. In possession with intent to … [Read more...]

Attorney Errol Cook on Possession

Possession Some of the most common charges at the state and local level are felony possession charges. These are divided into two types, simple possession and possession with intent to sell. To obtain a conviction in a simple possession case, the … [Read more...]

Attorney Errol Cook on Drug Crimes

Drug Crimes Drug charges are the most common kinds of criminal charges filed in throughout California. They can be either felony or misdemeanor charges related to controlled substances such as: heroin, methamphetamines, cocaine, hallucinogens, … [Read more...]

Errol Cook, Esq. on Domestic Violence Part II

In the state of California, prosecutors take domestic violence cases extremely seriously and even seemingly innocent conduct may end up being the subject of a criminal prosecution. In some states, if the accuser wishes to drop charges, they will be … [Read more...]

Attorney Errol Cook on Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Domestic violence is a serious offense as it involves a threatening, abusive or violent act inflicted upon one member of a family, or household, by another member of the same family or household. Extreme or repeated cases of … [Read more...]


Appeals Throughout the entire trial process, there are extensive measures and procedures in place to prevent the courts and judges from handing down wrongful convictions. Unfortunately, there has been times when exactly that has happened and justice … [Read more...]

Prostitution Defense

Errol Cook, Esq. Prostitution Defining California's Sex Crime Laws Engaging in a sexual act in exchange for money, drugs, services, or other goods is considered a criminal offense in the state of California. Many lawmakers believe that … [Read more...]

Lamar Odom’s DUI

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