Attorney Errol Cook on Possession


Some of the most common charges at the state and local level are felony possession charges. These are divided into two types, simple possession and possession with intent to sell. To obtain a conviction in a simple possession case, the prosecutors simply need to prove that the defendant was in control of the drug at issue at the time of the arrest. However, particularly in cases involving a first offense, not all defendants convicted for simple possession will necessarily face jail time. For example, some defendants may be able to serve their sentences in drug treatment programs in an alternative type of sentencing called “drug diversion.” Another alternative sentencing option under the Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act, introduced in 2000 through Proposition 36, gives those who are first or second time non-violent drug offenders the opportunity to go to a substance abuse education course or inpatient treatment.  Call Attorney Errol Cook today at 562-209-1114

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