Attorney Errol Cook on Drug Crimes

Drug Crimes Drug charges are the most common kinds of criminal charges filed in throughout California. They can be either felony or misdemeanor charges related to controlled substances such as: heroin, methamphetamines, cocaine, hallucinogens, illegally obtained prescription drugs, and amounts of non-medical marijuana that are considered to be possessed with intent to sell. The state statutes that govern these crimes are found in the California Health and Safety Code. When large quantities of drugs are involved, or state lines or country borders are crossed, you can face serious consequences in federal court. Penalties are imposed for drug convictions based on a system of schedules that ranks substances based on their potential for abuse and other factors. Criminal defense attorney Errol Cook has years of experience working with clients facing a wide variety of drug charges including: Possession Transportation Manufacture Cultivation Possession for Sale Attorney Errol Cook can assist you in developing the best possible defenses to these and many other complex drug-related charges

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