Attorney Errol Cook on Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Domestic violence is a serious offense as it involves a threatening, abusive or violent act inflicted upon one member of a family, or household, by another member of the same family or household. Extreme or repeated cases of domestic violence have, at times, resulted in a homicide. Five percent of all California homicides were as a result of domestic violence. While domestic violence must be reported, it is not always the abuser who gets arrested after law enforcement arrives.

Depending on the circumstances, injuries sustained, and accounts of any witness, law enforcement must determine who the primary aggressor is and arrest that individual. In some instances of domestic violence, both parties may be arrested. If you or a loved one has been arrested for domestic violence charges, you need to seek help from Law Offices of Errol Cook, a top notch criminal defense lawyer at the firm immediately. Do not let the heat of the moment get to you. Protect your constitutional right to remain silent and have a lawyer present during questioning. Even if you were not the abuser, that doesn’t mean a case could not be built against you. In situations such as this it is essential that you have an attorney who is committed to giving you the aggressive representation you require. Protect Yourself Against Conviction: Call now!

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